Lime Spreading

IMG_0996Agricultural lime is applied to the ground to neutralise acidic soil.

Somborne Chalk Quarry supplies agricultural lime and provides a spreading service within a radius of 20 miles of the quarry using a low ground pressure spreader which is able to fit through a 10ft entrance. The lime is produced by screening freshly dug chalk with no additives and it is fine enough that 100% passes through a 20mm screen ensuring a superb quality and spread on the fields. Agricultural lime is high in calcium which is required for plant cell division. Shortages of Calcium can lead to stunted young leaves and leaf distortions.

Fields used for grazing, whether farming or horses, quickly become depleted of nutrients and a top dressing of agricultural lime will improve the soil conditions for grass quality and production. Agronomists are able to carry out all types of soil sampling from pH to P,K, Mg and also full trace elements. We are unable to offer this service ourselves at present. Soil Sampling should be carried out a minimum of every 4 years on arable land.

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