Animal Housing Chalk Floor Quantities

A New Floor

For a new Chalk floor, we recommend that chalk is used giving a thickness of 8″. This needs to be compacted with a roller, tracked digger or wacker plate, leaving you with a 6″ floor thickness. When working out the required amount of chalk at this thickness, you would need to apply 1.4 tonne of lump chalk per cubic metre of floor area.

Existing flooring

When the sheds are mucked out annually, we advise you to inspect the floor to ensure no areas are becoming lower than the required level.  We recommend that you top up any holes or low areas you may have .These will require further compaction with a roller, tracked digger or wacker plate.

Outside use

Chalk flooring can also be used for outside muck pads however; these need to be layered in the dry to obtain the best results.

Once the floor has compacted and created a sealed top, it can be gently washed down using a rotary brush for best results or with a careful pressure washer.

If you require any information or advice  on the usage of lump chalk or require a quote for a delivered price, then please  contact us directly at the office 07860 647 036 or by email or submit an enquiry form.